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output folderthe directory that all maps and files will be exported to. (this directory should not be a root directory of a drive. for example “D:\” is a root directory and is not acceptable.
name prefixa group of letters that comes at the stating of the exported files.
project fileexport a copy of the project file.
UV-ready cardsexport UV-ready cards (plane meshes that have a matched UV with the exported textures.)
fibers as meshexport a copy of each hair block as a 3D mesh. these meshes have the direction map and strands ID as vertex color and root-tip map as UV. so you can render all passes in Third-party software as well.
cameraexport a matched camera, so you can render some passes in Third-party software and some pass inside the FiberShop, and all textures will be matched.
export simpleexport each map as a separate image file. (JPG, PNG, TGA)
export advancedpack different maps in RGBA channels of an image file. you can add an unlimited number of image files and pack different maps inside them.
  • in the “export advanced” mode, PNG format have 4 channels (RGBA) but the alpha channel will consider as transparency mask and transparent pixels will be removed from all channels. if you want to pack a map in the alpha channel without forcing the texture to be transparent use the TGA format.
  • in the “export advanced” mode, if you use the PNG format and leave the alpha channel empty, then your exported map will be fully transparent.
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